Photo by Katelyn Elizabeth Oliver (2016)

Photo by Katelyn Elizabeth Oliver (2016)

Words by meghan

Flower crowns and machine guns, two things probably found in Meghan Chadeayne's character arsenal. She's a lover of maniacs and dreamers, inspired by neon glow imagery like Nicholas Refn and art deco artist Tamara de Lempicka. Meghan thrives in an element of surreal Americana with a touch of gore, grind house with a bit of glam. Having obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing for Entertainment, Meghan's current focus lies in screenwriting production, and is in the works of completing to publish a poetry novel.


Melodic and metaphoric, free-verse stanzas mixed with structured narrative flow.

Screenplay treatments and synopses (W.G.A Registered)

From high fantasy to indie-centric scripts, Meghan mixes her cultured experiences into colorful worlds and characters made for the silver screen.

short narratives & flash fiction

Fiction short stories and essasys - 1,000 words or less.