Women in Horror 2017 Challenge: Up-and-Coming Talent

Women in Horror 2017 Challenge - Up-and-Coming Talent - Meghan Chadeayne 
By Jase Marsiglia. 

It’s not every day you’re wielding a chainsaw at hordes of zombies, getting covered head-to-toe in gore and being, well, stark naked. Unless your name is Meghan Chadeayne and you’re the title character of a gruesome little concept literally called “Naked Zombie Girl”, of course. Roles like this tend to leave an impression, particularly when you’re in a zombie film. When all has been said or done before, you up the ante and just say, “Why not throw the star into the mix without ANY clothes?” Brilliant. 

However, what could easily have been cast off as a cheap marketing ploy, is actually a fun, white-knuckle gore-fest, with Chadeayne the center of attention (obviously) as the chainsaw swinging babe who obliterates the undead in her birthday suit, and does so with such ferocity, engagement and expressive attitude that – believe it or not – you nearly FORGET this gorgeous, blood-soaked woman is doing it all sans-attire. NEARLY.

But think about this from a career point for a moment. “Naked Zombie Girl”, is a tough act to follow, both in concept and in, well, taste. If you were to put yourself in this talented young woman’s shoes for a moment, you’d have to wonder how A) you top yourself when doing something SO outrageous out the gate, and B) how you’re going to be marketed for further acting jobs. You’re the “NZG” chick, right? That kind of attention isn’t going to attract the most noble of intentions from sleazier producers, and may darken the face of someone perusing your resume looking for a “serious” actress, even if you’ve got the chops to back it up.

Ah, fret not, fans. THIS is precisely why I love and respect Meghan as much as I do, and have little doubt that her career is JUST getting started. A born-and-bred Illinois gal, Meghan immersed herself in literature, music, films, poetry and art from a very young age, and continued to cultivate her creativity and passion for storytelling and acting, even during her time serving our country in the United States Navy – a disciplined and tough stint that provided her even more drive, honed her determination and opened her up to new cultures. She returned, setting her sights on LA, where she used her life experiences to fine-tune her creative tools. She began modeling, building a startlingly beautiful and unique portfolio, taking full advantage of her striking features (not the least of which, two ocean-blue eyes that can weaken even the sturdiest of knees), but holding her love of creativity at the forefront. Whether it’s sassy cosplay, a warm, inviting smile against a picturesque landscape, or a cold, eerie turn in gothic eroticism, Meghan’s love for artistry is always the center-point of her shoots. 

And what of her acting? Sinister turns in “Homewrecked” and “Lamb Feed” are a far cry from the survivalist vulnerability of “Naked Zombie Girl” and evidence a darkness in her performances that could easily make her a horror film icon in no time at all. Having seen her perform, having read her work, and shared stories, advice, fears and hopes with Meghan over the course of our friendship, I’m honored to be right here with her as her career begins to blossom, and further honored to call her a friend and ally in this business. Chadeayne will be a force to be reckoned with and will undoubtedly take the industry be storm, whether performing or writing – and I can’t wait to see it happen.

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Meghan at the 'Naked Zombie Girl' Premiere at Screamfest LA, 2014. Hollywood, California. 

Meghan at the 'Naked Zombie Girl' Premiere at Screamfest LA, 2014. Hollywood, California.