Lights, Camera, Action.

Height: 5'9.5"
Weight: 154 lbs
STATS: 32-25-39
Body Type: Athletic/Curvy
Current Hair Color: dark brown
Past Hair Colors: green, RED, Black, Pink, Brown, purple, blonde, pink
Eyes: Blue



"Naked Zombie Girl"

"A woman with a chainsaw that stakes a new claim to the title Horror Queen – eyes you want to bathe in, a form that is both seductive yet formidable with curves in all the right places…" - Scratchy Pete, Horror Reviewer.

"A doe-eyed Russ Meyer-approved version of Zooey Deschanel."
"Violent and beautiful to look at, as is… well…kick-ass lead Meghan Chadeayne who gives a cheeky performance in both senses of the word." -

"The film is shot well and writer/director Bird does a great job with the look of the film. The film is full of grind house style effects such as missing reels, heavy grain, scratches, cigarette burns, hairs, etc. and it turns out really well, obviously a little overdone to give it a campiness feel. One scene in particular really sticks out as a favorite of mine and really ups the fright factor, and that’s when Barbara is stuck in the car with a horde of menacing zombies surrounding her, trying to get in – great stuff!The acting by most is comparatively average, but passable. The exception is the lead Barbara played by Meghan Chadeayne, who is hot as hell. She excels in her part but doesn’t take herself too seriously. I give her a lot of credit for her courage to run around fully naked for most of the film’s running time." - Michael Juvinall,

"Meghan Chadeayne really is a revelation. Throwing herself into what must have been a very awkward role with real gusto, actress and model Chadeayne completely carries the film.She reminded me a little of Zooey Deschanel, with her big emotive eyes, and with little to no dialogue, she completely commands the screen. Plus when she turns full-on badass with chainsaw in hand, she kicks all kinds of undead behind! The shot of a gore soaked Chadeayne, chainsaw in hand, staring down a legion of bloodthirsty zombies felt instantly iconic." - Hickey's House of Horror 


"When I call action, Meghan has the natural ability to find her character's idiocyncrasies while she's delivering her lines. To me, a sense of naturalism in the performance is a must, and Megs is always on point with hers." - Michael S. Rodriguez, Director. 


"The biggest shock in regards to performance comes from the lovely Meghan Chadeayne. When I see Meghan in a film she is usually the eye candy and I mean that with respect. This woman is one hell of an actress that has delivered some pretty intense performances but her roles were usually written for her due to her sex appeal. However, that was not the case for Homewrecked. Instead, her character was rough around the edges who can take a lick and keep on ticking. Though she is beautiful, as always, her character is tough and not meant to be sexy or provocative." -  Black Tooth, Horror Society.

“Good acting, especially from Chadeayne who depicts sickness and depravity with seemingly effortless ease.” - Scratchy Pete, Horror Movie Reviewer.

'Lamb Feed' 


"Then Meghan Chadeayne comes in and steals absolutely every moment she is onscreen, I ‘double dog dare’ you to take your eyes off her." - Guestars

"A yearning takes over – watching Lana’s (the gorgeous Meghan Chadeayne) curves on show. Enough to make a grown man hallucinate with the help of drugs…but the viewer doesn’t need them at all. Carnivorous, religious and oh so sexual." - Scratchy Pete.

“Meghan Chadeayne really gets a guy's blood boiling with her supremely sexy portrayal of seductive temptress Lana.” – Woodyanders

“Meghan does great as Lana Wicker. She's both seductive, yet creepy at the same time.I've seen her in other things and I think Ms. Chadeayne quite talented, but often gets dismissed just because she is so stunning. Yet she has a natural talent that shines through her character.” – Horror Author, Tim Miller